Thursday, January 20, 2011

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

So while browsing blogs and websites, I keep seeing people talk about Orange Creamsicle cupcakes, how good they are and how favored a flavor it is. So I thought I might as well try one.

Although I'm really into the unique flavors, the "what can I do with this" flavors, going back to something simple is good therapy I think!

I made a basic vanilla base and then split the batter. One half of the batter I tinted orange and added a little bit of orange extract but mostly I added orange juice. The extract isn't that bad but I think some of these fruit flavored extracts give off an artificial flavor. Sometimes a medicinal taste too. Of course I could have used orange flavored jello and that would have worked too.

Then I teaspooned the batter on top of each other into the cups (1 tspn white, 1 tspn orange, 1 tspn white etc) to get a swirled like effect.

The little teardrop shaped bubble hole was purely by accident.

The buttercream is a vanilla bean and orange twist.

It was rather yummy! And I can see why it would be a favorite!
Now I have this desire to make other Twisted Cupcakes! oooooo! O.o that might be something too, twisted cupcakes!

Better get to work! Have a great day!

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  1. Ok...these have not been Kimmi-approved yet! Next time I come down, I have to try them. ;-)