Friday, January 28, 2011

Ocala Cupcake Tasting Party

I think I made....hmmm....360 some mini cupcakes. 14 varieties with 8 of my most popular flavors: S'mores, Oreo, Key Lime, Raspberry White Chocolate, Mocha Frappucino, Dannen O'Donnells (Caramel Pretzel), Vanilla Almond and Coconut. This is my second tasting party. I had one in South Florida where I made roughly 265 mini cupcakes. The other 6 flavors were - Boston Cream, Cherry Chocolate, Almond Cinnamon (Vegan and Non Dairy), Pumpkin Pie in a Cupcake, Roasted Banana and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. My next tasting party will be back in South Florida paired up with a Mary Kay party in March of 2011.

I'm glad everyone had fun! Though I baked for over 9 hours, I had fun too!!

Would you like a tasting party?

$75 gets you 8 flavors - 24 minis each. My list of flavors is endless, really. You can either chose the Baker's Special which will include the 8 above or the My Choice which will include 8 of your choosing (which yes, can include some of the flavors from the Baker's Special). This is roughly 192 cupcakes.

Considering that I charge $18 per 2 doz - this is a good deal (reg price would be $144). For $5 extra, you can create your own flavor to try for one tray - (pick 7 flavors the 8th will be your flavor). Please use common sense when making your own flavor. I have the right to refuse a flavor I find unappetizing or plain old disgusting.

I'm working on "Specials" for hosts / hostesses.

I've been asked to make cupcakes for a lot of people lately.

$18 a tray of minis - each tray is 24 cupcakes - one flavor per dozen (so 2 doz minis can be two flavors if you wanted). Minimum order is 2 doz or one tray.

$15 per dozen standards - one flavor per dozen. Minimum order is 1 doz.

$.10 cents per decoration (fondant, chocolate extras - anything that I don't already put on the cupcakes) per mini.

$.25 per decoration (fondant, chocolate extras - anything that I don't already put on the cupcakes) for standards.

I am working on shipping. Right now it will be east coast only. I have found a few methods but I want to find the one that works best for me. When I'm ready, I will let you know. There will be shipping charges. If you want an idea of what it will cost for a single order, go to the USPS or UPS site and check the cost of a 6lb package (box) from 34432 to your zip code. Obviously more orders = heavier box.

Any questions? Let me know.

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