Sunday, September 18, 2011

Panettone Cupcakes with Sweet Honey Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Yes!  She lives!  I had an order this week for Pumpkin Cupcakes which I will post here in a second but asked the lady if she would like to try any of the "seasonal" flavors I had.  She selected the Panettone.

Panettone, pronounced pon-a-tony, is an Italian sweet bread with dried fruit.  Sorta like the American fruit cake but better.  And these did come out just like the original panettone bread.

I've seen bloggers make the panettone without the buttercream topping, as normal panettone is served.  But I'm not normal and I needed my buttercream.  So what kind to make?  For some reason I kept tasting honey.  I still don't know why, however I made a honey vanilla bean buttercream and then drizzled honey on top.  I must say the honey works VERY WELL!

The only big issues I have with this is 1) it's very time consuming and 2) it's more like a bread than a cupcake.  However, I hear panettone "cupcakes" are who knows :)  Maybe when I have more time I'll try to make a more cupcake version of this.  I think I know how just have to experiment a bit :)