Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phineas and Ferb Cupcakes

This was my first REAL party request!   YAY!  Very simple chocolate cake with blue and green icing.  The icing is decorated with rainbow disco dust and candy coated mini chocolate chips.  One of the reasons I am sharing this on the blog is because the woman who made the wrappers is amazing!!  They came out SOOOO cute!  You can find her Etsy shop here iParty .  I will definitely be back for more.  There were 4 dozen cupcakes and as I'm told everyone loved them!  YAY!

The photos were taken by the mom who ordered the cupcakes.  She's an amazing photographer and person!  You can check her website out here too LisaGPhotography .

I'm glad everyone enjoyed them!  I had a great time making them! I'm starting to think for my daughter's birthday in October!!  ROFL!

Lots of things coming soon!  Easter Cake Pops will be up by Friday.  Something I wanted to try :)

Have a Happy Easter!