Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coming Up!

I am still working on the Snickers Cupcake recipe....why?  Because I don't exactly measure (and I'm in the middle of college finals).....I do it all by sight so I have to go back and work out what I did!  LOL  So I promise by the time the Cinco De Mayo cupcakes are up later this week, yes I know a week early, I'll have the Snickers up too.

Coming up are a few things......

Cinco De Mayo Cupcakes - adults only
Kit Kat Cupcakes - gimme a break
Milano Melts Cupcakes - my new fav cookie
Mother's Day Chocolate Robed Cupcakes - enveloped in love like MOM
Harvey Wallbanger Cupcakes - fully liquored 
Pixie Sticks Cupcakes - for the kid in all of us

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