Sunday, September 26, 2010

S'mores Cupcakes with Marshmallow Buttercreme

Photo by Diana Fye

I didn't expect these to be the big hit they were! I found lots of recipes for S'mores cupcakes but decided to try my own. As long as I had graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow, I couldn't go wrong. The base of this cupcake is indeed crushed graham crackers. I tried the graham cracker in different ways (on top of the buttercreme, on top of the cake) but I loved this version better. The cake is of course chocolate. An option is to add a melted chocolate middle. I didn't do that on this batch but it would have worked just fine. The buttercreme is a true marshmallow buttercreme. I was worried it wouldn't come out right but I was oh so wrong. It came out perfect and had a wonderful marshmallow taste. Furthermore, it wasn't really sticky so I could pipe it. To decorate the buttercreme I tried a few things and decided that dusting it with graham cracker and sticking a piece of chocolate in the buttercreme was best. Another option is to actually toast the marshmallow buttercreme. Will have to try that next time. I know it works and I know it tastes amazing!

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