Thursday, June 2, 2011

Maple Penuche Fudge Cupcakes (Deep Fried)

Ok so here is a prettier maple penuche fudge cupcake.  This one is frozen at the moment.  Why?  Because I'm about to deep fry it.  You heard me.  There are deep fried candy bars, deep fried cookies, deep fried pickles.....what about cupcakes?!

I froze the cupcake first so that it had less of a chance of melting.  Well, the frosting anyhow.  I did NOT put a true buttercream on this cupcake because we all know what happens when butter gets hot, it melts.  So I made a maple confectioner's sugar frosting to put on top - less butter.  It will still melt but hopefully won't be a mess.  I was hoping the frosting would stay somewhat intact once it was deep fried.

The second thought was, what do I cover it in?  There are several suggestions for deep fry batter but the one I ran a crossed and liked was pancake batter.  Once I coated it I stuck it in a deep fryer.  This is where I made my mistake.

May I suggest to never deep fry a cupcake like this in a fryer with a basket.  Had I taken the time I would have heated oil in a sauce pan and fried the cupcake that way.  The batter stuck to the basket :(.  Which is why I got the "fried splatter" look on the cupcake (on the right).

Here is the inside.  I labeled it since the cupcake got turned upside down so when I cut it, I ended up cutting it sideways.  The frosting melted but it was a nice melt!  Some of it stayed solid so it was just what I wanted.  You can't see the penuche fudge in the recipe as it is towards the bottom of where I cut.  The fudge didn't melt which I'm glad it didn't and it was still kinda cool.  By my accounts this came out perfect....but the best part.... that good.............

I ate most of it before I was full!  LOL (I had had a big breakfast).  Since I used the Maple Penuche cupcake and pancake batter, the flavors were outrageous!  Sweet and soft on the inside with a bit of melted frosting and crunchy on the outside from the batter.  I will most definitely do this again.  And I can already think of a dozen or so cupcakes I'd deep fry.......

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