Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Cupcake - 2011 Almond Anise

Ok so I couldn't wait until January 1, 2011 to make this cupcake. Mostly because I would like to relax for at least one holiday this year! :)

I wanted to do a cupcake with a light blue icing and a snowflake.
My sister said no. I say NYAH NYAH!!

This is a white cake infused with almond and anise. "what the heck is anise" you ask? Do you know what black licorice is? That's the flavor of anise. However I tend to think black licorice is a bit more bitter than anise itself. If you are a coffee drinker, try Sambuca. Yummo.

I digress. I was truly afraid of the anise. I didn't want it to be too licorice. But it actually came out really good! The buttercream is a vanilla bean buttercream (hence the black specks) and I just added blue food coloring. The 2011 and snowflake (made by freehand, thank you very much) are made of white chocolate (forgive my squiggly 1 in the's my first time). Here is a picture of the cupcake with just the snowflake:

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