Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mocha Frappucino Cupcakes

My cousin requested this flavor mix. I was quite pleased with the flavor! The espresso isn't too strong but just enough that it tastes like mocha.

This is a mini cupcake, one of my sampler sets from the previous post. This of course can be made into a standard cupcake, as I'll be doing for Kim in a few weeks.

The Mocha Frapp has a chocolate cake infused with espresso, a vanilla buttercreme with espresso infused to give it a mocha flavor and then drizzled with dark chocolate sauce. I actually have or rather had (think I ate it) espresso sauce. Something for ice cream I think. But it has gone away and I think made it's way into one too many bowls of vanilla ice cream.....

Side note: I love the 1M tip on the minis! After the debacle with my previous 1M tip, where it met its maker in the garbage disposal (not sure how that happened), I bought 5 more 1 M tips! YAY!

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